Maricopa Concierge
Personal Assistance * Property Watch * Complete Pool & Landscaping Services * Airport Transportation

Maricopa Concierge is here to provide personal assistance when you need it most! Whether you’re a full time or seasonal resident, Maricopa Concierge offers service that will give you peace of mind and free your time so you can do what you need or want to do.

Thank you for your interest in our service! Here are answers to frequently asked questions regarding the services that Maricopa Concierge offers for residents and visitors here in Maricopa.

Property Watch: Have a seasonal home or going on vacation? Maricopa Concierge provides walk around and visual inspection of your home. Photos of your home are taken on a fixed schedule and sent to you electronically. Inspection for any leaks, broken windows, weeds or unexpected storm damage is provided. We remove door hangers, newspapers, business cards shoved in door jams or other items that give the appearance that your home is unoccupied.

Landscaping maintenance: Weed removal and control is provided so there will be no unwanted HOA warnings or citations that can cost hundreds of dollars. Irrigation leaks or broken sprinkler heads are repaired to prevent plant damage and high water bills.

Pool Service and repair: Complete pool service is available so your pool will keep its sparkle and stay free of algae or unwanted stains. We’ll start your heater or spa so it’ll will be ready for your arrival.

Pet Sitting: Have pets at home that you want cared for while you’re away? No problem! Daily play visits, walks and poop scooping is available for your pets. We have one client whose Yellow Lab enjoys a daily swim in the pool with our caretaker while her family is away!

Airport  or Sporting Event Transportation: Why pay the exorbitant prices to park at the airport or arenas. Why run the risk of driving after a game or dinner? Relax.  Maricopa Concierge will arrange for transportation for you or your group on your schedule.

Housekeeping: Want to come home to a clean home?  We will clean your home and wash your windows, just tell us what we can do for you to make your return comfortable.

Seasonal home closure or opening: Want your fridge cleaned out or restocked, water lines turned off or on, A/C or heat adjusted while away? Just let us know how we can help! We are here for you!

Please call on us when you are in need of a little help!

At your service,

Maricopa Concierge